Tobias Rinke de Wit

Professor Tobias Rinke de Wit (PhD) is a molecular biologist and public health specialist who served in different functions within the PharmAccess group since its inception in 2001. Currently he is a member of the PharmAccess Medical Team. Tobias performs operational research in the context of various PharmAccess programs, in particular with respect to healthcare quality and m-health diagnostics. Tobias is also working at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) supporting >15 PhD and Master students research in the area of diagnosis of (infectious) diseases in Africa.

In the 1990’s Tobias worked in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in various functions, including Laboratory Director of the Ethio-Netherlands AIDS Research Project. He served as Associate Professor at the University of Addis Ababa, concentrating on virology, immunology and epidemiology of HIV in Africa. In 2005 Tobias was awarded a chair at the University of Amsterdam in Sustainable Healthcare, with an emphasis on Lab Diagnostics. In his position as Principal Investigator (PI) at the Department of Global Health of the Academic Medical Center, Tobias supports the development of affordable and connectable biomedical technology for improved quality of healthcare delivery in Africa. Emphasis of his work remains HIV, in particular HIV drug resistance, leading the Pan-African Studies to Evaluate Resistance (PASER) through the AIGHD. Tobias has published over 160 articles in peer-reviewed journals and is serving in the Scientific Advisory Board of the Amsterdam health & technology institute (ahti) and the Scientific Board of OneDx, Amsterdam.