Sandra Kik

Dr. Sandra Kik is a senior epidemiologist with 10 years of experience in tuberculosis (TB) research, in particular in the field of TB diagnostics, vaccines, latent tuberculosis infections and costing of TB diagnostics. She has worked in academic and non-profit organizations as well as in industry. She obtained her PhD from the University of Amsterdam on studies related to tuberculosis transmission among immigrants. She coordinated a large prospective cohort study that evaluated the predictive value of test for latent tuberculosis infection (IGRA and TST) among immigrants. After her PhD, she worked for a biotech company where she gave methodological advice on how to best carry out pre-clinical and clinical vaccine studies with TB, HIV, and malaria vaccines that were under development. In 2012, she became a postdoctoral fellow at the McGill University in Montreal and was responsible for the coordination and execution of a multi-country project in South Africa, Brazil, India and China funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that estimated the market of current and future TB diagnostics.

Since September 2014, Sandra joined KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and provides international technical assistance to national TB programs and local TB and HIV researchers on designing research projects related to TB, TB-HIV, TB diagnostics, and costing in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ukraine and Central Asia.