Paul Klatser

Professor Extraordinary in Biomedical Research for Development at the Free University (Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam

Paul Klatser is head of the KIT Biomedical Research since October 1999 with more than 35 professionals, working before that for the Royal Tropical Institute as project leader since October 1983. He has full-devolved responsibility for the strategy and management of the department including instituting and overseeing appropriate mechanisms to ensure research excellence, teaching quality, financial viability, health and safety, and effective staff management. He is member of the Management Team of KIT.

Acquisition is a major task, as 60% of the turn-over of the department comes from external grants. He performed consultancy work as an advisor to various international institutes, such as WHO, and to the EU in various fields of biomedical research development (infectious diseases, rapid diagnostics). He is on the board of different institutes/foundations. He has experienced in dissemination of knowledge through trainings and workshops. His department distributesa wide variety of  diagnostic materials and services developed by the department to the health care community including those as WHO/OIE/FAO Leptospirosis Reference Laboratory. The latter is accredited for CCKL (ISO15189) quality standard.

Paul Klatser has a background in biochemistry/immunology and is actively involved in tuberculosis/leprosy research and diagnostic product development also together with private companies; he supervises several PhD students. He blends active research with consultancy, management and developing business for KIT BR and its clients. He regularly advises multi-lateral organisations such as WHO on diagnostic issues related to infectious diseases and he is board member of various editorial committees and organisations, both national and international.


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  • Liquid culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis: proceed, but with caution

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