Eveline Klinkenberg

Eveline Klinkenberg is a senior epidemiologist. She obtained her PhD in 2006 from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine on a project assessing the impact of urban agricultural on malaria looking at both epidemiological as well as entomological aspects. She has worked in different countries all over the world on operational research (OR) and public health issues for over 15 years. She started working as consultant water and health for the International Water Management Institute in Asia and Africa looking at the impact of irrigation development on health, especially malaria but also effects of waste water irrigation. Subsequently she worked as public health researcher for HealthNet TPO, a Dutch NGO working in post conflict settings, where she built local operational research capacity to reconstruct health systems in Afghanistan and Sudan. In 2007 she joined KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation as senior epidemiologist. Since working for KNCV she has been providing assistance to the National Tuberculosis Control program in Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Mali, Nigeria, Botswana, Malawi, Ethiopia and Zambia. She has helped build capacity for OR by organizing and co-facilitating trainings and supervising research teams to conduct all the steps of a research project from proposal development, data collection and data analysis to manuscript writing. In addition she facilitated trainings of mentors and guided them in supporting OR teams. Besides building OR capacity she is providing assistance to several countries during the conduct of national TB prevalence surveys, providing technical input to all the steps of carrying such surveys which are large population based surveys of >50,000 participants taking several years to complete from start of preparations to report finalization.


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