Developing the next generation of scientists and building capacity for local impact

Since its inception, AIGHD has been actively involved in education to ensure that the next generation of researchers and scientists are equipped with the necessary expertise to solve the current and future challenges of Global Health. To this end, AIGHD provides bachelor, master, and PhD students with unique real-world experiences and academic knowledge through its participation in the medical curriculum of the AMC, VU and UvA.

Alongside its academic education activities, AIGHD takes a learning-by-doing approach to capacity building. Through university education programs, training of clinical researchers, implementation of data monitoring and data management systems, expansion of laboratory capacity, and the stimulation of a vibrant research environment, AIGHD helps provide a foundation for research on a local level. By integrating regional workshops into research projects, AIGHD trains and builds capacity among clinical staff, nurses, counselors and lab technicians in good clinical and laboratory practices.

In addition to training and educational programs, AIGHD also organizes and supports national and international conferences, workshops, symposia and debates to exchange and circulate knowledge and ideas. These initiatives foster further research and contribute to the worldwide implementation of innovative approaches to Global Health.