Main areas of focus

The focus of AIGHD is on research, education & training and policy advice.

AIGHD is leading research in the fields of infectious diseases, mother and child health, non-communicable diseases, health system strengthening and impact evaluation. Collaborating with partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, AIGHD has an established reputation in science and research, underpinning the prevention and treatment of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. AIGHD is increasingly recognized in evaluating the impact of health insurance in low and middle income countries, on health outcomes and the effects of interventions to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases.

Together with the department of Public Health, AIGHD offers an elective course ‘Global Health’ for Bachelor degree students at the AMC.

In addition AIGHD offers a Research Masters in Global Health, since September 2012. Facilitated by the Athena Institute at the VU, this unique transdisciplinary research program offers the opportunity to explore the latest theories and state-of-the-art techniques and research methods in the field of Global Health. Students benefit from the multidisciplinary expertise of leading academic institutions collaborating in the AIGHD network.

AIGHD participates actively in the coordination of specific program elements, presents lectures and provides supervision of the internships and other assignments. In addition to the range of knowledge from societal disciplines and transdisciplinary research, it also incorporates knowledge from societal actors like patients, medical doctors, NGOs, insurance companies and other institutions.

AIGHD staff provides policy advice and actively participates in a variety of decision making bodies, ranging from Amsterdam-based non-governmental organizations and municipal bodies, to national government committees and research bodies. At the international level, AIGHD provides policy inputs to the preparation of normative guidance for the World Health Organization and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, as well as for the private sector. AIGHD researchers serve as peer reviewers for research institutions in the United States, France and Great Britain, as well as for the European Commission and the European and Developing Country Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). Numeric scientific journals in de field of global health, medicine and economics, benefit from the anonymous peer review of submitted manuscripts by the AIGHD researchers.