PharmAccess Foundation


PharmAccess has historic links with the Academic Medical Center (AMC) of the University of Amsterdam. Joep Lange, Professor of Internal Medicine at the AMC, initiated PharmAccess in 2000 to bring life-saving antiretroviral therapy for HIV and AIDS to Africa.
Since its inception PharmAccess has been operating at the cutting edge of health sector support in Africa, pioneering innovative approaches. Initially, PharmAccess focused on the introduction of HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa. Later on, PharmAccess broadened its activities towards embedding HIV/AIDS treatment in general health care services, general health system strengthening, and the introduction of and support to health insurances schemes. Today PharmAccess is also concerned with supporting investments in the African health sector.
The aim of PharmAccess is to improve access to quality basic health care, including HIV/AIDS treatment and care in sub-Saharan Africa, through building sustainable health systems. To achieve its aim PharmAccess introduces a new approach, which advocates a different organization of the healthcare delivery and contributes to the building of sustainable health systems and a sustainable health care economy. PharmAccess works closely with public and private health providers, private insurance companies, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and national and multi-national companies in 31 African countries. PharmAccess aims to alleviate the healthcare burden of African governments through establishing public- private partnerships. PharmAccess always works with local organizations in order to avoid brain drain.

Leading individuals

Onno Schellekens, MsC (PharmAccess Foundation)
Professor Tobias Rinke de Wit (PharmAccess Foundation and CPCD, Department of Internal Medicine, AMC)
Professor Joep Lange (AMC, Department of Global Health, AIGHD)